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We agreed to meet us at a local wine bar, which was my first match here, I casually dressed in cut off jeans, a shirt neckline as desired and a sexy push-up bra. I shuddered when I looked out of my car and in the eyes of the beautiful Italian Lancs, spoke with a sexy Italian accent, and immediately kissed his hands on my breasts, my nipples harden instantly. stileproject Could the swelling in his pants that was hot, we turn the tables and sat on the Sun sippping wine, laugh and learn to undress, I was desperate, so when he suggested we go somewhere quieter, I agreed. Fallen into the toilet b4 we left, I was surprised to hear you knock on the door when I left unbuttoned his pants and pushed me gently swollen cock, taste wonderful, it was suggested to us and cctv sure the bar owner was watching, but I woke me thinking even more important, we were desperate to fuck each otherWe left the wine bar and the search for a peaceful park, we enter a field of tall grass, began to undress, biting my nipples, undoing my pants, sliding his fingers into my wet pussy, before we were naked, I was in the grass I started licking and biting my clit until I moaned aloud, then pushed my cock between his legs, he filled my pussy and slowly pushed slowly, is a wonderful feeling, we were so on, it Cumming soon became a passionate kiss, caressing my body, began again, his fingers probing deep in my pussy so wet, I knelt and began sucking hard cock again, I wanted to cum in my mouth, so knelt on the chest and the breasts look masturbating and tongue, i cum from his penis - pulse, which was so cool, I felt the gush of hot liquid on my tongue, my Italian stallion leaned over and kissed me.. shared his own juice. Meanwhile, he became so forth, moaned and writhed against his stileproject body as we kissed, it was soon hard agaas he pulled me ontop of him, I began to ride the horse, his cock in my cunt, fill me, took me up and down, grinding my clit on his cock felt, is amazing, and I yelled at me a sense of orgasm flood stileproject through me.. I went for him, I gently pushed on all fours and takes me to hold stileproject my dog started hard, and said it was a dirty bitch i fucking harder and faster, fingers investigating the ass until I was trembling stileproject with emotion, crying I was running again no matter who can see and hear now, or feel his cock throbbing inside me, as if soaked in my pussy or discharged more magic... We slept together on the grass, laughing at our exploits.. stileproject try to clean.... Since then we have more fun sexy... If you want to join us next time someone InTouch with one of us.
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